Why Barolo is the most important wine in Piedmont

Perché il Barolo è il vino più importante del Piemonte

Barolo and its Piedmontese roots.

Just as the vines are rooted in the Langhe, Barolo is deeply rooted in Piedmontese culture and tradition.

A world-famous Italian excellence, Barolo is Piedmont’s most important wine. So many other excellent wines are produced in these lands, but why did Barolo above all others win this distinction?

One reason for this is found in the Nebbiolo grapes, from which Barolo is made. This variety of vine is indigenous to Piedmont, which makes it perfect for the terroir of the Langhe because like all so-called indigenous vegetation, it originated and evolved on the very land where it is found. An ancient relationship then, that between Nebbiolo and the Piedmont hills, a peculiarity exclusive to only a few grape varieties.

Other wines are born from Nebbiolo grapes, such as Nebbiolo precisely, Barbaresco and Barbera, but the hallmark of Barolo is aging, and Nebbiolo grapes are particularly well suited to this process, which brings out the flavor to the fullest, resulting in a unique and distinctive wine of high quality and prestige, as well as one of the few to have earned D.O.C.G ( Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita ) certification.

This alone would be enough to recognize him as a podium winner, but Barolo does not encapsulate the only the territory of the Langhe, but also their history; in fact, this wine, named after the village of the same name, had a completely different taste and texture before the daring intuition of the Marchesa Giulia di Barolo, who brought it all the way to the court of the Savoys.

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