poesie sul vino

Wine poems

Poems about wine in antiquity Since ancient times, wine, the quintessential beverage, has been a source of poetic inspiration for various authors. The Latin poet Ovid (43 B.C./18 A.D.), for example, in his Ars Amatoria, a didactic poem providing advice on love matters, urges readers not to be overco...

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colori del vino

The colors of wine

What determines the colors of wine? The color of the wine is determined mainly by the variety of grapes used and the length of contact between the must and skins during fermentation. Red wines have a more intense color because of fermentation with the skins, which contain anthocyanins and tannins. W...

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Il bouquet del vino

The wine bouquet

The wine bouquet: what it is and why it is important Wine bouquet is the set of aromas and flavors that are perceived when smelling or tasting a wine. It is determined by the grapes used to make the wine, climatic conditions during grape growth, winemaking techniques, and wine maturation. Each type ...

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Come diventare sommelier

How to become a sommelier

How to become a sommelier: the path to take To become a sommelier, it is necessary to undergo specific training. There are several schools and associations that offer sommelier courses, which can vary in terms of duration and level of specialization. In general, sommelier courses cover topics such a...

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