Come trasportare il vino

How to transport wine

How to transport wine: tips and mistakes to avoid Certain precautions are necessary to transport wine, not only to avoid breaking bottles, but also to safeguard the integrity of the quality of the wine. Temperature changes, for example, can severely alter the taste of wine. Let us therefore see some...

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I migliori cocktail a base di vino

Best wine-based cocktails

The most famous wine-based cocktails There are countless variations of wine-based cocktails, which lend themselves well to different drinking occasions. Among the main ones are the ever-present Spritz Veneto, made from white wine, bitter and soda; the Bellini, a cocktail made from white wine and ...

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I migliori vini da aperitivo

Best aperitif wines

Aperitif wines: which one to choose? A wine aperitif can be a great choice to start a meal or to spend time with friends, so it is important to choose a wine that suits the food that will be served and the occasion. In general, for aperitifs, it is best to choose light, fresh wines such as sparkling...

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