How to become a sommelier

Come diventare sommelier

How to become a sommelier: the path to take

To become a sommelier, it is necessary to undergo specific training. There are several schools and associations that offer sommelier courses, which can vary in terms of duration and level of specialization. In general, sommelier courses cover topics such as wine tasting, wine history, wine geography, and wine serving techniques. Upon completion of the course, students must pass an exam to obtain an internationally recognized certificate.

The sommelier exam

The exam to become a sommelier consists of several parts, including a written test and a practical test. The written test may cover topics such as wine history, wine geography, viticulture and enology. The practical test consists of a tasting in which students must identify wines based on their color, aroma, taste and other characteristics. In addition, students must demonstrate knowledge of wine serving techniques, such as opening and decanting wine, and the ability to pair wines with food. The exam may vary depending on the school or association that organizes it, but it usually consists of three levels: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are several associations that issue professional sommelier certifications internationally, including theItalian Sommelier Association (AIS).

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