The difference between prosecco and sparkling wine

differenza tra prosecco e spumante

The difference between Prosecco and Spumante: origin and production

Although Prosecco and Spumante are both effervescent wines, there are some important differences between them. First, Prosecco is an effervescent wine produced in the Veneto region, while Spumante is a generic effervescent wine that can be produced in many regions of the world. In addition, the production method of Prosecco is different from sparkling wine. Prosecco is produced using the Martinotti (Charmat) method in which the second fermentation occurs in an autoclave, while Spumante is produced using the Champenoise method, in which the second fermentation occurs directly in the bottle cap. This can affect the taste and quality of the wine.

When to drink Prosecco and Spumante

Prosecco is a fresh and light wine, ideal for drinking as an aperitif or during a light meal, but it is also an excellent choice as an accompaniment wine for fish or shellfish dishes, or to accompany spoon desserts. Similarly, Prosecco is often consumed as an aperitif, but it can also be served during a meal, to accompany fish or shellfish dishes, or to accompany a dessert. In addition, sparkling wine is an excellent choice for toasting on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, parties and celebrations.

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