What does the sommelier do?

Cosa fa il sommelier?

What a sommelier does: duties and obligations

A sommelier is a highly trained professional who is responsible for selecting, storing, and serving wines in a restaurant or other food service establishment. The word “sommelier” comes from the French and was first used in the 17th century to refer to a person in charge of wine transportation.

The work of a sommelier is extremely important because wines are a fundamental part of the dining experience. The sommelier is in charge of creating a wine list that perfectly matches the facility’s menu. In addition, he or she must be able to recommend the right wines to accompany each dish, taking into account customers’ tastes and preferences.

To become a sommelier, one must follow a specific course of study and pass a certification exam. There are several organizations that offer courses and certifications to become a sommelier, including theItalian Sommelier Association.

The job of a sommelier is extremely rewarding, as it allows you to work closely with customers and share your passion for wines. It also allows you to keep abreast of the latest trends and news in the world of wine.

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