cosa fare nelle langhe?

Weekend in the Langhe: what to see?

A weekend in the Langhe: our tips The Langhe is an area in lower Piedmont between the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria, which together with the Roero and Monferrato has been declared a 2014 UNESCO World Heritage Site . This is a hilly area particularly devoted to viticulture and is of ext...

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Cosa vedere a La Morra

What to see in La Morra

What to see in La Morra: history Awarded the "orange flag" recognition by the Touring Club, in the Langhe area recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, La Morra, is a small village at 500 m.a.s.l. that offers a 360º view of excellence over the Piedmontese Langhe. The hill on which it stands rose from t...

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migliori annate di barolo

The best vintages of Barolo

What are the best vintages of Barolo? Barolo is one of the world's most appreciated wines, known for its elegance and complexity. Made exclusively in the Piedmont region of Italy, Barolo is made from Nebbiolo grapes and requires at least 38 months of aging, including at least 18 months in wooden bar...

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poesie sul vino

Wine poems

Poems about wine in antiquity Since ancient times, wine, the quintessential beverage, has been a source of poetic inspiration for various authors. The Latin poet Ovid (43 B.C./18 A.D.), for example, in his Ars Amatoria, a didactic poem providing advice on love matters, urges readers not to be overco...

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Come trasportare il vino

How to transport wine

How to transport wine: tips and mistakes to avoid Certain precautions are necessary to transport wine, not only to avoid breaking bottles, but also to safeguard the integrity of the quality of the wine. Temperature changes, for example, can severely alter the taste of wine. Let us therefore see some...

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colori del vino

The colors of wine

What determines the colors of wine? The color of the wine is determined mainly by the variety of grapes used and the length of contact between the must and skins during fermentation. Red wines have a more intense color because of fermentation with the skins, which contain anthocyanins and tannins. W...

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