What to see in La Morra

Cosa vedere a La Morra

What to see in La Morra: history

Awarded the “orange flag” recognition by the Touring Club, in the Langhe area recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, La Morra, is a small village at 500 m.a.s.l. that offers a 360º view of excellence over the Piedmontese Langhe. The hill on which it stands rose from the waters of the Oligocene, when primordial seas covered these parts of the Piedmont. This must be why the unique terroir of this place is the cradle of excellent wines of international renown such as Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo and the king of wines, Barolo.

La Morra is a must-see destination for a food and wine weekend, which is not lacking in cultural and historical appeal, having been an ancient Roman settlement first, and later from 1340 a possession of the Marchesi Falletti, who were the first to mention the Nebbiolo grape variety (indigenous to this land ) in their statutes, making a special contribution to the birth of Barolo.

During the Middle Ages (12th cent.) the town was moved to the top of the hill, where a village was built, protected by a high wall, on the remains of which (the so-called Bastions) today it is possible to take a scenic walk. This is why the place name “La Morra” would have originated from Loci Murrae, meaning “walled enclosure,” “sheep pen,” or perhaps for the flocks of Benedictine monks who grazed among its countryside. Incidentally, St. Francis also made a stop in La Morra.

Later passed to the Duchy of Milan, disputed between the French and the Spanish, and then became part of the House of Savoy. In short, era after era, vicissitude after vicissitude, she was always there, contemplating the view that over the centuries was filled with vineyards. He is waiting for you today to share the beauty of his land and its traditions. Great food and delicious restaurants; of the wineries you are spoiled for choice. Whether you crave nature, good time among friends accompanied by excellent wine, or if you plan to make a romantic statement on its Bell Tower, La Morra is perfect.

Places not to miss in La Morra

Among the must-see sights in La Morra we recommend the Church of the Santissima Annunziata (former Benedictine convent), the Church of San Sebastiano known as the Church of the Whites, the Chapel of the Madonna of Loreto, Castle Square, the bell tower, the picturesque town square with the two beautiful churches of San Martino and the Confraternity of San Rocco, the Falletti palaces, the colorful Barolo Chapel, and the imposing Cedar of Lebanon.

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