Dear Client,
The continuous pursuit of ever-higher wine quality is yesterday as it is today our priority. Aware of the importance of the raw material in the making of our wines, our winemaker Davide Benaglia oversees both in our own vineyard and at our winemakers' premises all cultivation operations from pruning to harvesting, supervising and assisting with work in the vineyard. Vineyard care becomes a team effort, and the product can only be of superior quality.

Starting this year, with the aim of improving more and more, we have embarked on a collaboration with Mattia Fossato, a land surveyor specializing in viticulture, who will follow us on a path toward sustainable viticulture, starting with the family vineyard. Pillars of this new path are:

  1. Regenerative agriculture: set of practices aimed at achieving a lower environmental impact while regenerating soil fertility by not using herbicides and fertilizing only with organic matter.
  2. Increased biodiversity: placement of nests for passerines; planting to create new habitats and food sources for pollinators.
  3. Integrated pest management: incorporate biological control principles into conventional defense, using biocontrol products and biostimulants. Sexual confusion.
  4. Use of digital tools: D.S.S., i.e., a digital decision support and specifically EMAT, a forecasting model for residuals.
The company has taken this path in line with European directives FARM TO FORK, GREEN DEAL, BIODIVERSITY STRATEGY THE CONFERRING PARTNERS. In addition, the company's plan is to increase the area planted with vines on its own land in the coming years, but today a key role is played by our 12 contributing partners for an area planted with vines of about 30 hectares. Historic winemakers and new young winemakers from La Morra are the partners of the Mascarello Winery. The winery's philosophy has always been to seek out the best grapes to produce and bottle wines that leave their mark. Thanking you for your trust we renew our invitation to visit us at the Winery.

Fabio Mascarello
Mascarello Winery
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