Wine etiquette

How do you hold a wine glass in your hand?

come si tiene un calice di vino

How to hold a glass of wine: common mistakes and how to avoid them

To hold a wine goblet, one should hold the goblet by the stem or base of the goblet. The mistake to absolutely avoid is holding your hand over the cup because you risk heating the wine, altering the tasting. In addition, holding the goblet by the stem or base of the goblet provides more control and precision when tasting.

Tasting wine

Holding the glass the right way is only the first step in demonstrating self-mastery when drinking wine. In fact, it is good to proceed in tasting by following other small tricks: after filling the goblet to one-third of its volume-so that the wine can breathe-you look at the wine and observe its color, clarity and intensity. Next, one sniffs the wine, inhaling deeply through the nose to catch the aromas and scents. Finally, the actual tasting takes place.

An often overlooked, but crucial, aspect is the importance of tasting wine in a quiet environment without distractions in order to best appreciate its organoleptic characteristics.

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