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How to choose the right goblet for the right wine

Come scegliere il calice giusto per il vino giusto

Choosing the right goblet for each wine

To choose the right goblet for a particular type of wine, it is important to consider shape and size. For example, a goblet with a wide base and narrow rim is ideal for red wines, while a tulip goblet with a narrower rim is suitable for white wines. In addition, for sparkling wines such as Champagne, a goblet shaped like a cup with a narrow base and wide rim is recommended to keep the wine foam longer.
Regarding color, it is not recommended to use glasses with the cup or even just the stem colored because they alter the perception of the color of the wine, which is such an important feature in tasting. While the best material for a wine glass is crystal, without facets or protrusions.

Why the shape of the chalice is important

The shape of the goblet is crucial because it brings out the uniqueness of individual wines. For example, the tulip-shaped goblet is ideal for fresh, light white wines because the tulip shape concentrates the wine’s aromas and helps maintain its temperature. The goblet, on the other hand, is suitable for robust red wines because it allows air to come in contact with the wine, evolving the aromas and enhancing the taste. The cup shape is suitable for sparkling wines, such as Champagne and Prosecco, because it keeps the wine foam and to concentrate the aromas. Finally, dessert wine glasses are smaller and suitable for sweeter, higher-alcohol wines.

One should not forget the importance of choosing clean glasses, without halos or stains, and without scents or odors that may affect the taste of the wine.

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