Wine etiquette

The sequence of serving wines

La sequenza di servizio dei vini

The sequence of serving wines: the importance of order

The wine serving sequence is the order in which wines are served during a meal or event. In general, the sequence of wine service should follow the progression of the meal, from aperitif to appetizer, first course, second course, and finally dessert. Usually, we start with the lighter wines and then move on to the more robust ones. So white wines should not always be served before reds, but it depends on their respective bodies: it is better to taste dry and light whites before full-bodied reds and young reds before full-bodied whites, full of extract and residual sugars. Finally we finish with dessert wines or liqueurs. It is also important to serve the younger wines before the older ones, and to serve the more valuable wines at the end of the meal. Of course, it is always important to try to serve the appropriate wine for the dish in question, trying to balance the aromas and flavors of the wine with those of the food.

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