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Best wine-based cocktails

I migliori cocktail a base di vino

The most famous wine-based cocktails

There are countless variations of wine-based cocktails, which lend themselves well to different drinking occasions. Among the main ones are the ever-present Spritz Veneto, made from white wine, bitter and soda; the Bellini, a cocktail made from white wine and peach puree, invented in 1948 at Harry’s Bar in Venice; the Negroni Wrong, based on red wine, Campari and red vermouth, originating in the city of Milan.

Moving abroad, how can we forget the Sangria, a classic cocktail made with red wine, fresh fruit, spices, and liquor, very popular in Spain and Latin America; the French 75, a cocktail made from white wine, gin, lemon juice and sugar, originally from France, and the Kir, a white wine and cream of cassis base, originally from Burgundy.

The drinking occasions of wine-based cocktails

Wine-based cocktails can be drunk at different occasions and times of the day, not only during aperitifs-cocktails such as spritz are perfect for aperitifs since they taste fresh and light-but also during meals: in fact, some wine-based cocktails, such as sangria, are perfect to accompany meals, especially those with meat or fish. Cocktails such as sangria are also ideal for company parties, as they can be prepared in large quantities and shared with friends. Finally, Kir is the ideal cocktail for summer evenings, as it tastes cool and refreshing.

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