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How to age a wine: tips and mistakes to avoid

invecchiare un vino

Aging a wine: the basic rules

We usually refer to the period spent by the wine in the barrel with the term aging, while it would be more correct to speak of refinement when referring to the period between bottling and opening the bottle. To age, or rather refine, a bottle of wine, it is necessary to store it in a cool, dark place with a constant temperature and relative humidity of 70-80%. Also very important is the position of the bottle, which should be held horizontally so that the wine makes contact with the cork and does not dry out. The length of aging depends on the type of wine and personal preference.

Aging a wine: common mistakes

Among the most common mistakes that can be made is storing at too high a temperature. In fact, the ideal temperature for storing wine is between 10 and 15 degrees because too high temperatures can accelerate the aging process disproportionately and cause loss of aroma and flavor. Another common mistake is storing the wine bottle in direct sunlight or artificial light, which can cause the wine to oxidize and severely alter its flavor. As mentioned earlier, wine should be stored in a dark and cool place and the relative humidity should be between 70% and 80%. Finally, it is always important to taste the wine from time to time to check its aging status and decide when is the best time to drink it.

Also find out the difference between aging and refining.

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