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How to store an open bottle of wine: the right stopper

Come conservare una bottiglia di vino aperta

How to store an open bottle of wine? Practical advice

To store the wine after opening, it is important to cap the bottle well and store it in a cool, dark place. In addition, it is advisable to consume the wine within 3-5 days after opening to prevent spoilage. Alternatively, a screw cap or wine preservation system can be used to extend the life of the wine after opening. But which cap to choose?

The right cap

There are several types of stoppers that can be used to store wine after opening, some of which are:

  1. Screw cap: easy to use, allows the bottle to be perfectly sealed. The most popular variant is the “Stelvin” cap consisting of an aluminum outer shell and a plastic inner seal. Typically, this type of cork is mainly used for still wines.
  2. Crown cap: is common in sparkling and semi-sparkling wines because it is designed to withstand the pressure of the gas inside the bottle.
  3. Cork: certainly the most traditional cork, it allows minimal oxygenation of the wine and is best suited for storing still wines.

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