Langhe wine straight to your door.

Langhe wine straight to your door.

Our Story

Mascarello Michele & Figli C. Valletti S.n.c is a company based in La Morra, in the heart of the Langhe. The winery was founded in 1927 by my grandmother Maria, a rare example offemale entrepreneurship, at a time when women’s role was mainly that of wife and mother.
Since then, it has been a family-run business, which has continued the activity in the spirit of tradition and lessons passed down.

From the late 1980s until the present day, the winery has been led by my father Umberto, who had the intuition to target exclusively a clientele of small consumers, paying more and more attention to the quality of wine and service and thus taking the winery to a higher level.

The year 2020 was a year of change, because together with my mother Catherine, I bought out entirely the shares of the company where I grew up. My goal and that of all my staff is to work on the continuous search for ever higher quality of wines in order to be appreciated by an admittedly large but select clientele. My goal is to be able to give continuity to the family business, passing on the values and teachings received to my son Peter who represents the fourth generation, with the hope that the family tradition will continue.

On January 17, 2022, Mise entered La Mascarello Michele & Figli C. Valletti S.n.c. into the register of Historical Marks of National Interest. In thanking you for your trust in us, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you as welcome guests to our Historic Winery, located in the center of La Morra.

Fabio Mascarello

A philosophy that doesn’t change

Today, as in the past,careful selection of grapes, traditional winemaking, and balance of perceptual sensations are the cornerstones of the Mascarello Winery’s activity: a few simple rules considered unalterable and necessary, despite the evolution of the times and the market.

We have never stopped paying extreme attention to the processes of harvesting, winemaking and aging each wine. Keeping the quality of traditional production methods unchanged-this is the challenge we have been pursuing for nearly a century, without compromise.

We have been producing classic Piedmont wines since as far back as 1927. Since then four generations have succeeded each other in the winery and in the vineyard, always maintaining the same attachment to the land, our Langa land.

To visit the 18th-century Casa Mascarello
and its historic Cellars is to walk through the history of wine and the Langhe. We will be happy to take you on an underground journey through the heart of La Morra, along which our wine rests in mighty oak barrels: here you can taste our wines in the place where they patiently age.

The team

The change of pace sought by Fabio Mascarello brought a generational renewal to the company with the hiring of as many as 14 under-30s in various jobs, bringing the number of employees to 50. Trust in young people becomes a concrete act, and bringing the younger generation closer to land-related work is a message of hope.

A company that stands out

Different from most Langa and Roero wineries in the ways it wins over its customers, the winery preserves the traditions of welcome and hospitality in its historic winery in the center of La Morra.

And Grandma Maria’s house, where you can breathe in the right atmosphere and admire the enchanting landscapes of the Unesco hills while appreciating the tastings and tastings of Mascarello labels.

Contributing partners

In addition to the estate vineyards, historic winemakers and new young producers from La Morra and the surrounding area are the grape contributors and partners of Cantina Mascarello. Oenologist Davide Benaglia oversees, supervises and supports the work in the vineyard: vineyard care becomes a team effort and the product can only be of superior quality. The winery’s philosophy has always been to search for the best grapes to produce and bottle wines that leave their mark.

Pictured: Catherine, Fabio and Peter.